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Without paper and pondering. With iPad and your legacy system.

Using AmbuPRAX you’ll solve the flood of paper bombarding physician and patient. The iPad app ensures that the patient receives all necessary forms and that no information is missing.
In the customer area, you can find sophisticated forms for download or create your own form.
Everything with your branding, on-site and without a cloud!

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Brilliant apps to complement your medical information system,
modern procedures and satisfied patients.

AmbuDOC is the constant companion for doctors on iPhone and Apple Watch.

Fast and targeted information from the team for the doctors, quick decisions and a smooth operation of the doctor's office or clinic.

Informed in real time

Messages and updates can be viewed without delay on the Apple Watch or the iPhone.

Always the path in mind

Who is to be found when and where? Look at the clock and just know. You can get used to it.

Clean documentation

Doing medical documentation mobile with high quality illustrations. Even without cellular reception on the iPhone.

Modern software with many features for the iPad

Time savings, fast processes and less stress are offered by our apps for your doctor's office or outpatient clinic.


Security comes first: Zero-knowledge encryption, SSL, digital signature, biometric signature, and everything you need on the spot.


The language of forms and user interface can be changed at any time and without reloading. Perfect for non-German-speaking patients and for support by the team.



The form of the patient is evaluated and further forms are displayed on demand. Automatic resubmission can be defined.

Forms Marketplace

On our website, choose from a variety of ready-to-use templates that are loaded directly into AmbuPRAX and AmbuDOC.

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  • ControlCenter

ControlCenter - Control all processes using a browser app

The ControlCenter app can be run in any modern browser. The important processes are started in here with simple actions.

  • Without a button - updates in real-time
  • Without time-consuming inputs - drag and drop, fast searches
  • Without gaps - Tied to the legacy system
  • Without effort - all data and settings in one place
  • Without confusion - roles and rights
  • Without counting - Interactive statistics / lists and up to date numbers

Free trial.
Demo mode integrated.


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